The sole job of this website is to chronicle the travels of Melissa and Jim as they travel around the USA in their faithful little red pickup truck. The rough route is as follows: leaving Southern California and heading to the south of Arizona and New Mexico, down through Texas, the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and then into and around Florida. Then we'll go up the east coast and cut back inland once we get to North Carolina to hit Ashville and then on to Nashville, Tennessee.

We'll then go up into Kentucky and back across to the East Coast via the Virginias. At this point, we're not that clear beyond wanting to skip NYC as we've both been there a number of times and we don't fancy driving there! We'll definitely see Boston and some of New England and then head back across the northern states, taking in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, parts of Canada, the Dakotas and then the national parks through the Montana and Wyoming. We'll finish by passing through Idaho and back down the West Coast to end up in Joshua Tree where we plan to find a house to rent and move to. Then back to Idyllwild to get our stuff, and most importantly, Thomas the cat.

That's the plan, anyhow. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of places to visit, please let us know via the comments on the blog.