Everglades National Park

On our way between Sarasota and the Keys, we spent a few hours in Everglades National Park. I've been there before in the dry season and seen alligators, but since it is the wet season now, they are more spread out and not as easy to find.

We made sure to watch for panthers crossing the road.

We saw a variety of creatures—birds, fish, turtles and most impressive (to us, anyway) the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, which seemed to be quadruple the size of any grasshopper I've ever seen before.

Jim got these shots on his macro lens:

I made a new friend.
The coloring on the immature grasshoppers was completely different than the adults.
Turtle looking for a snack.


Melissa is the co-pilot, list-maker, and truck-packing-tetris-master of the trip. She hopes to do yoga in the fresh air every morning of the trip, weather permitting. At Apple Canyon Designs, she’s the project manager and copywriter, as well as working with Jim on photography and video.