Florida Creature Feature & An Alabama Catfish

On our way from Tallahassee to Palm Harbor, we visited the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge along the Gulf Coast. We only saw one alligator, but we saw plenty of jumping fish, insects, and birds, including several egrets. Here’s a few of the creatures.

The world's laziest fly catcher
Since this is a creature feature, here’s a dead catfish Jim photographed in Alabama.
​One of our other favorite creatures we met while in Florida, a tubby little kitty at the Airbnb we stayed at in Tallahassee.


Melissa is the co-pilot, list-maker, and truck-packing-tetris-master of the trip. She hopes to do yoga in the fresh air every morning of the trip, weather permitting. At Apple Canyon Designs, she’s the project manager and copywriter, as well as working with Jim on photography and video.