Madison, Wisconsin

From Louisville, we drove up to Madison, stopping along the way for a night in De Motte, Indiana. We had an exciting drive into Madison from De Motte, with torrential rain and gusts of wind. After we made it into the city the rain subsided to a more demur drizzle.

I’ve never been to Madison before but I’ve always heard great things about it—a city set between lakes, with a legacy of hippie counter-culture and full of housing, grocery, and workers co-operatives.

Our first stop was my friend Allie’s house. She lives on the Madison Isthmus—a narrow strip of land between Lake Mendota and Lake Monoa. We rushed in to change out of our t-shirts and shorts into jeans, shoes, sweaters and jackets. It’s been a long time since we were cold!

Jim headed off the catch the FA Cup Final at an Irish Pub downtown while Allie and I went for brunch and a visit to the long established Willy Street Co-op to pick up a few things for dinner.

After the game, Jim visited his friend Clint who he knows from Yokoji Zen Mountain Center. He took a few photos for Clint to use for publicity material for his yoga and zen classes.

Meanwhile, Allie and I went to South Madison to see our friend Betsy play a show with her awesome band, Croaker.

That evening we enjoyed a campfire in Allie’s backyard and were treated to some tunes on Allie’s banjo.

Our new friend Mouse, who kept us company that night along with Smokey the cat.

In the morning we enjoyed a long walk, a view of the lakes, and brunch at a local vegetarian cafè, the Green Owl, before hitting the road to west Wisconsin.



Melissa is the co-pilot, list-maker, and truck-packing-tetris-master of the trip. She hopes to do yoga in the fresh air every morning of the trip, weather permitting. At Apple Canyon Designs, she’s the project manager and copywriter, as well as working with Jim on photography and video.