Savannah, GA

We decided that we wanted to get out of Florida ASAP as we were, quite frankly, done with the heat and humidity. We stopped on the way up from Miami, driving up the East Coast of Florida, at St. Augustine to visit a friend from Yokoji, Toan, who moved there a few years back. We grabbed lunch and caught up and then headed up to Savannah, Georgia. It’s been fun visiting people along the way—some who we haven’t seen in years. Even hanging out for an hour or so can be enough. It’s a pleasure just to reconnect.

Toan in St. Augusine
A gopher tortoise busy munching on snacks on the beach by the restaurant we had lunch in with Toan.

We reached Savannah in the early evening and strolled around the city taking in the waterfront and the historical buildings. Savannah has a uniquely European feel. Some of the garden squares with the Victorian era brick buildings feel like they could have been lifted from the wealthier parts of London, minus the palm trees and spanish moss, that is. It was a real pleasure to feel the cool evening breeze—the cloying heat and humidity of Florida becoming a rapidly fading memory.

The Savannah College of Art and Design, or SCAD, as it's known to its friends.


Jim is the proud owner and driver-in-chief of the small red truck (affectionately named "truck") that will make it all 11,000 - 12,000 miles of the trip around the States with nothing more than a couple of oil changes and tire rotations. When not indulging in delusional thoughts about the abilities of his 21 year old truck with almost 300k miles on it, Jim likes making websites and taking photos and gets paid by people for doing these very things at Apple Canyon Designs.